The harmfulness of drugs to the harm of drugs can be said to have a lot of, sums up the main harm has two types: one, the dangers of drug use for body and mind (1) the toxic effects of drugs on the body: toxic effect refers to the dosage is too large or medication time is too long a harmful effect to the body, usually associated with dysfunction of the body and histopathologic changes. Poisoning main characteristics are: lethargy, insensitive, ataxia, hallucinations, delusions, disorientation, and so on. (2) withdrawal reactions: is caused by long-term drug abuse a serious and potentially fatal risk of physical and mental damage, usually in a sudden termination of medication or reduce the dosage after. Many drug addicts in the absence of economic source 购毒, drug, or died of severe physical withdrawal reactions caused by various complications, or committed suicide due to the unbearable pain. Withdrawal response is also the important causes to the difficult drug withdrawal. (3) mental disorders and metamorphosis: drug caused by the most prominent mental disorders is hallucinations and thought disorder. Their behavior characteristics around the drug, even for drugs in the loss of human nature. (4) infectious diseases: intravenous drug abusers to bring infectious complications, the most common are pyogenic infection and b type hepatitis, and worrying AIDS problem. In addition, but also damage the nervous system, immune system, easy infection all kinds of diseases.。


1防毒反毒,人人有责Anti-virus drug, is everyone's responsibility

2扫除毒害,利国利民。Remove poisoned, and they serve the country.

3吸毒是犯罪的祸根。Drug addiction is the root cause of crime

4、吸食毒品,害人害己。Drug addiction, harm to others

5动员起来,打一场禁毒的人民战争!Mobilize, the anti-drug fight a people's war!

6远离毒品 亲近美好人生 Stay away from drugs close to a beautiful life

7珍惜您的生命,请远离毒品 Cherish your life, please stay away from drugs

8认识毒品危害 提高抵御能力Raising awareness against drug resilience

9大力消除毒品危害 保护人民身心健康。 The elimination of the drug vigorously protect people against physical and mental health.

10、严厉打击毒品违法犯罪活动。 To crack down on drug crimes.



毒品 - 统称有 drugs, narcotics, illegal drugs.

禁毒 - ban on illegal drugs, ban of narcotics.

警察的禁毒部门 - narcotics department.

禁毒的特警 - a narc.

嗅毒狗 - drug sniffing dog.

大麻 - marijuana.

鸦片 - opium.

摇头丸- ecstasy。

海洛因 - heroin.

可卡因 - cocain.

There is a new legislation that is proposing legalization of medical marijuana.



Opium harm China's history for several centuries. People poor and the weak, vulnerable to bullying, it is a history of painful humiliation. Now, the proliferation of drugs has become a global scourge. Distortion of human nature, ruin and death, how many should have a good youth set on fire! Lessons have been too much blood and tears. Curative drugs, long way to go. Happiness for themselves and others, please resist the temptation of the beautiful poppy. Live Life, away from drugs!。


drug prevention


Governments at all levels attach great importance to publicizing the dangers of drugs, and formulate plans every year to carry out drug prevention education to persuade the public to turn their backs on drugs.


-- others - 汉英

Many provinces and autonomous regions have unfolded the drug prevention education activities mainly for youngsters.


-- 汉英非文学 - 白皮书 - DUPIN

The Chinese government attaches special importance to drug prevention education for youngsters.


-- others - 汉英

China regards it as a fundamental and strategic task to raise the consciousness of the whole nation concerning the fight against drugs, and carries out extensive and deep-going drug prevention education among all the people.


-- politics - 汉英

In 1999, according to the requirements of the NNCC, drug control departments at the county level and above established communication centers of drug prevention education in 24,223 primary and middle schools to directly guide the work in schools.


-- 汉英非文学 - 白皮书 - DUPIN

International Conference on Safety, Drugs and the Prevention of Urban Crime


-- 英汉 - 翻译参考[网络]

As for teenagers, we put stress on education and protection, adopt various powerful measures, organize and coordinate relevant government departments and various mass organizations to perfect the preventive work, and educate youngsters to treasure their lives and refuse drugs.




(1) No matter you are student or housewife

Taking drugs will ruin your whole life

(2) Don't accept drugs from your friend

Or your future will come to an end

(3) Drugs will be harmful to you

My advice is very true

(4) Drug addicts are no good

Poisons will let you in bad mood

(5) Drugs are poisonous food

Taking them is no good

(6) There will be no take two

No first drugs, for me and you


Saying No to Drugs

Never to try drugs. Say "No" every time anyone ever tries to give or sell you drugs. Don't speak to that person again. Drugs are addictive, so please do not think that you might be stronger than other people. Even taking a drug just once is very dangerous.

First, drugs are illegal. Buying or selling drugs, having drugs—these are all against the law. Breaking the law is wrong and it is dangerous too. Now you have a bright future waiting for you, but if you start doing illegal things, all that will change—if you commit crimes you will be punished.

Second, drugs can be very bad for your health. Drugs are powerful chemicals. They give you very high blood pressure; they do strange things to your heart rate; they stop you from eating properly; they change the way you breathe. Drug addicts feel ill most of the time. They have a lot of pain.

third,Drugs cost a lot of money. If you take drugs you will soon be poor. To get money to buy drugs you will do stupid and illegal things. You will lose your friends and have a lot of trouble in your life.

[Often people take drugs because they are unhappy. Maybe they have love or work problems. But drugs cannot solve these problems. There is no connection between them and drugs. People need to talk about problems, get advice and change their behaviour—not take dangerous drugs.

Taking drugs encourages people to make them and sell them. You are making a big social problem worse. Because of you other people may hurt themselves and die prematurely, even if you don't. You make the world a worse place.

Finally, please remember: addiction grows. The first time you need just a little crack cocaine, but every time you will want more. You cannot control the drug; it will control you.]太长 括号里的3段可不要

Please listen to me—and say "No" to drugs!


(1) No matter you are student or housewifeTaking drugs will ruin your whole life(2) Don't accept drugs from your friendOr your future will come to an end(3) Drugs will be harmful to youMy advice is very true(4) Drug addicts are no goodPoisons will let you in bad mood(5) Drugs are poisonous foodTaking them is no good(6) There will be no take twoNo first drugs,for me and you。


每年的6月26日是联合国确定的国际禁毒日(International Day Against Drug Abuse and Illicit Trafficking)。

从1992年起,国际禁毒日都确定有一个主题口号,以达到国际社会关注和共同参与的效果。如1992年国际禁毒日的口号是:“毒品,全球问题,需要全球解决”;1998年国际禁毒日的主题是:“无毒世界我们能做到”;1999年国际禁毒日的主题是:“亲近音乐,远离毒品”;Close to music, we should far away the narcotics.

2000年国际禁毒日的主题是:Facing Reality: Denial, Corruption and Violence;

2001年国际禁毒日的主题是:“体育拒绝毒品”;Sports rejection narcotics.

2002年国际禁毒日的主题是:“吸毒与艾滋病”Takes drugs with the AIDS.

2003年国际禁毒日主题是:“让我们讨论毒品问题” Let us discuss the narcotic issue

2003年我国“6·26”国际禁毒日的宣传主题为“远离毒品,关爱未来”Is far away the narcotics, will show loving concern the future

2004年国际禁毒日的主题是“抵制毒品,参与禁毒”The resisting narcotics, participate in suppressing drug

2005年国际禁毒日的主题是“珍惜自我,健康选择”。 Treasures oneself, health choice.


10.谁能给我一些 关于毒品的英文表达呀

The damage caused by drugs can say a lot, to sum up the main harm has two kinds big: One of the dangers of body and mind, drugs (1) drugs on the body of toxic effect: refers to the toxic effects of drugs dosage too big or too long on the body caused a harmful effect, usually accompanied by the body's dysfunction and histopathological changes. Poisoning main features: lethargy, insensitive, ataxia, illusion, delusions, directional obstacles, etc. (2) withdrawal reaction: is a kind of long-term drug caused serious and potentially deadly of physical and mental impairments, usually in abruptly terminated after drug or reduce the dosage occur. Many drug users in 购毒, drugs no economic sources, under the situation of severe physical or died from various complications reaction in the withdrawal, or because of pain and sufferings bear hard and suicide. Withdrawal reaction is the important reason junkie withdrawal difficult. (3) : drugs with abnormal psychiatric disorders caused by the mental disorders are the most prominent hallucinations and thought disorder. Their behavior characteristics, even turn around drugs for drugs and loss of humanity. (4) infectious diseases: intravenous drug to abusers bring infectious complications, the most common are suppurative infection and b form hepatitis, and alarming AIDS problem. In addition, still damage nerve system and immune system, infectious disease. Second, the harm to society drug. (1) for the family harm: family once appeared drug addicts, home and not make home. Drug users in self-destruction while, also broken against his own family, make families into economic bankruptcy, relatives of discrete, even difficult decimated. (2) the great destruction of social productivity: drugs first cause the body disease, affect production, the second is the great cause social wealth loss and waste, and drug activity also caused the deterioration of the environment and narrow human survival space. (3) drug activities disrupt social security: drug activity intensifies caused all sorts of illegal and criminal activities, and disturbing the social security, to social stability and enormous threat. No matter use what means taking drugs, to the human body body can cause great damage. Let teenagers to stay away from drugs According to understand, China's drug personnel are on younger, more jobs and cultural levels such as medicine abuse tendency. According to the survey, smoking teenagers opportunities than trying to take drugs 25 times higher than nonsmokers. The infant smokers about 500 million. Teenagers again to drugs by smoking, is a problem that nots allow to ignore. Let teenagers from drugs, health education, to let the children understand the dangers of drugs with addiction, enhance the ability of self-discipline. In addition, Social and school to eliminate the bad environment incentives, and indeed banned smoking, vigorously create primary and middle school students have no smoking school. On this basis, create drug prevention education demonstration school, creating a good environment, ensure the healthy growth of teenagers in school. pulsory drug addiction rehabilitation, the district counties of drug addicts to 200-300 year over, little also have more than 100 passengers, including 18 -- 25-year-old account for 85%. By public security bureau in gutian county smashed three drugs earlier safe havens, captured drugs over 20 technicians, teens make up 80%, including minor and young women about 20%. Creepy drug serious harm a number of ignorant teenagers, attention and save teenagers, keep them away from drugs, it becomes urgent. In the interview we found: the most regrettable is that these drug users have been drug molestation lost his handsome and beautiful, some even completely unlike personal kind; The most sad in these sisters and brothers to drug personnel of Muenster lovers of certain proportion; Most repugnant is family and parents lack of effective education, spoiling children to spare, tutoring is insufficient, indulgence in society, children wander disciplined if they find a child, not simply die to the society, no matter, push the addicted to indulge in a mud puddle child deeper. According to understand, most of the youth initially near-fatal cocaine addiction vice is mainly because young and ignorant, easy to be 。


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